Welcome to my blog “Dutchy in the USA”


My name is Arnold Slabbekoorn and I live in Denver, Colorado, United States. I am a Dutch citizen and lived for 32 years in the Netherlands before I moved with my family to the USA at the end of 2005. Married with my lovely wife Christy and since meanwhile two children, Gavin is our son born in Amsterdam in 2005 and Saige is our daughter who was born in 2007 in Denver.

This blog “Dutchy in the USA” is mainly going to be my personal blog. I am very interested in all kind of internet developments since 1996 as well as IT software packages and gadget/computer developments. With this blog I wanted to share some of this stuff with other folks in this world as well as building up a library of stuff for my own reference purpose.

Next to those topics like open source software (free to use software), I also wanted to share some of my experience as foreigner living in the United States. As Dutchmen in Colorado, I am open to any questions from folks in the Netherlands who would like to visit Denver or Colorado in the future and have travel questions. I will start posting on this blog a list of activities I personally have done in and around Denver, Colorado and some personal trips in the US.

I also have heard that there are about 10.000 Dutch citizens or original Dutch citizens living in Colorado and some states around us. If anyone wants to speak Dutch or meet up for a coffee in and around Denver let me know.


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