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Ok, this is probably one of the most irritation topics to tackle in general and especially getting an Android phone. Contact Management! I have contacts all over the place, my gmail original account, my google apps main account, linkedin, facebook, plaxo, yahoo, outlook contacts work and probably some I never use anymore and forgot.

I have tried to sync them in the past but never have been very success full. So with my Droid X coming up next week and Christy on her Droid 2, I have been reading some posts on this topic and it basically comes down to pick a spot to make this your main contact management location (either your phone, google gmail contacts or outlook and then select the proper sync solution).

image 1st step – Which application?
So I decided to maintain my contacts in my google apps gmail account as this is my main mail account. I decided this as I played on the Droid 2 with contacts and that was not really fast enough. Also Outlook on my work pc is not always available for me.

2nd step – Prepare before you use your Droid.

Well this is getting tricky, first of all, when you activate your phone you need a google gmail account. Your google apps account won’t work initially. You could make your apps account the primary account but I understand that gives problems buying apps on the marketplace through google checkout.

So I deleted all my contacts from my gmail first after I export and imported and merged them with my google apps gmail account. Then I went into my apps contacts and basically cleaned up duplicates etc, With over 500 accounts you can imagine this took a while, spend probably 3-4 hours on this but I know it will work for me at the end. Then I exported and imported my outlook work account contacts into my google apps contacts and did a final cleanup.


3rd step – sync between Google Apps or Gmail Contacts and outlook

For this I found a small free application called GO Contact Sync

This little nifty app runs on startup (optional), auto or manual sync between your Outlook Contacts and Gmail contacts. Initially I had some issues to get it to work but after I manually merged first all my contacts to Gmail and deleted all contacts in Outlook. I ran the options Google to Outlook only first to sync them back and this works wonder full.

Now I have Sync Delete and Merge Google Wins setup as options and I run it manually when needed.

Go Contacts Sync (webgear open source)


4th step – Add your google apps email account to your Droid phone

Now you can add your google apps email as 2nd account to your phone and all your contacts should sync up automatically between google apps and your phone.

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