Droid Outlook Exchange / Local Outlook mail sync

Christy is using local Outlook with a POP3 setup to a hosted mail server solution for her company. So no exchange. This has always been an issue when travelling as sent emails from the web account would never sync back unless she CC-ed herself and moved those emails to the sent folder when she got back home. She is asking the hosting company to install an exchange module so we can do Corporate sync with Exchange active sync solution on the Droid 2.


My company has exchange but no Android phones from Verizon are supported currently on the server. So either webmail through the browser is probably the best option currently till they approve the phone.

So no experience yet with Corporate Sync features for outlook apart from hotmail but hopefully an update on this topic soon when one of us will have this in place.

As of now the best option for the email part remain a pop3 solution for Christy and using the webmail solution for me. Further posts on Calendar Sync and Contacts, Tasks and Notes sync as there are solutions for this.



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