Droid 2 or X syncing hotmail-windows live email

image So after looking for hours and trying out several apps like K9 and the default email and going through several forums I finally found the solutions to sync hotmail between Christy her Droid 2 and her hotmail account. When I initially set it up it was just a pop3 solution so it didn’t really sync properly.

She deleted an email on her webmail account it did not get deleted on the phone email and vice versa, neither did the sent email get synced properly. So handle this frustration as husband to tell her that is just the way it is. She wanted to return the phone already after 2 days. So hubby geek, spent the entire night browsing forums to find out this issue was already existing since like 2008 for Android phones and seemed not resolved yet. Till I found a post with this link:

Hotmail corporate sync for Droid phones with 2.2 Android Froyo

It works by setting up a corporate sync with active sync using I configured it and it seems to work great as her phone is on 2.2 Android. For my X I don’t have to do this as I use google apps/gmail for my email account.

Further syncing posts will follow for exchange, local outlook Google gmail, apps gmail account and calendar, contacts sync.

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