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Corporate Express soon to be Staples


For all friends and family and other interested folks. Yes indeed my company Corporate Express, formerly known as Buhrmann when I worked in Amsterdam,  has been taken over by Staples Inc. Last Friday they announced to have acquired more then 95% of our outstanding ordinary shares. I expect in the next week we will be officially part of Staples Inc.

What happens next is as of this moment unclear, we will have several integration teams formed over the next couple of weeks and they will take some time to analyze our company and its departments and functions. Also it is not clear if and when our name will change, but would be obvious to me with such a brand awareness Staples has in the office products market, due to its retail shops.

For all your Dutch folks who don’t know staples, in the Netherlands they own Office Center retail stores. They are the number 1 retailer in the US and with taking over Corporate Express we are now the Global Leader in the Office Supplies Business to Business as well.


Playstation 3

It has been busy lately so a long time ago since I posted for the last time. But I recently became owner of a Playstation 3, my first gaming console ever. After playing X-box 360 and its predecessor and seeing the WII, I have to say the PS3 is definitely my favorite.

Especially the fact it has blue ray dvd with HDMI output to my Panny LCD tv. The first game was Grand Autotheft and I rented some movies, Cars for my son as that is his favorite movie. The quality is just outstanding.

ps3My colleague Dan also has a PS3 so he advised me of Gamefly the netflix video game rental version and I subscribed right away. Played and playing several Games so far. Drake, Call of Duty 4, Tom Clancy Rainbow six Vegas, GTA4 and I love it. Drake is a kind of Indiana Jones type of game and was one of the first PS3 games and I must say its an awesome game with a good story line and not to easy levels to complete, so you can enjoy some long playtime, certainly when you are a beginner like me…

The only thing negative is that the PS3 does not have a lot of Kid rated games so far so my son (3 years old) can’t really play yet. I found Cars the movie game so probably going to buy that for him.


I love my sister baby Saige

June2008 014 (Large)



June2008 015 (Large) June2008 017 (Large)
June2008 018 (Large) Papa is helping me to ride my new big wheel bike I got for my 3rd birthday, its so much fun, now I can chase all the kids in the hood.


I am 3 and getting ready for my school party

June2008 007 (Large)   June2008 008 (Large)
June2008 010 (Large) June2008 011 (Large)


Rodeo parade

Rodeo Parade Gavin  Rodeo Parade Saige
Some pictures from the Evergreen Rodeo parade we went to with Todd and Dalyn our friends who live in Evergreen. Gavin is not sure yet what is going to happen but that changed fast after they started throwing candy at him. Saige is just in her LA look showing off.