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I just found this easy to use tool. As SQL report developer I sometimes need to sent my SQL code to our DBA for analysis, copy pasting in an email usually messes up the formatting and copying it first in a txt file like notepad, or programmers notepad and then save and attach it to an email takes too long.

So I found this tool, where you copy paste your code for instance directly from Toad, it generates a URL and you copy paste the URL in your email you sent. The user can then open the code exactly as you copied it no format changes. It also gives a nice drop down on the right so he can select SQL or html or xml depending on the code to see the correct format layout.

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Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App

So working as Business Intelligence Analyst in my company Corporate Express this book written by Cindy Howson contains a business case study and several quotes from my peers and also it has examples of cases we as team work on in our company. Its just printed, for sale on Amazon and will be delivered as soon as it is available. Recommended lecture for our team in our book club we have. ;-)It’s nice to see a book published about the work you do and how it is appreciated by executive level within your own company as well as how important this will be for our companies future growth..Amazon link

Author: Cindy Howson
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Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App