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Sinterklaas (Santa Claus)

SinterklaasZwarte Piet
Yes, today is the 5th of December and yes this is traditional our “Sinterklaas Feest”. A Dutch childrens party where gifts and rhymes are exchanged. I understand this year Sinterklaas sales still topped over Christmas in the Netherlands, hard to explain to the folks over here in the US.I can give a great explanation to all of you about Sinterklaas but the best thing is to read this article on Wikipedia about it, which actually hold some new info I did not know about. The only thing is that your Santa Claus originates from the Dutch Sinterklaas feest…so again something Dutch has influenced a big cultural celebration in the USA!


Black Friday

It’s shopping day for everyone. If you don’t know what this is, well this is the best day of the year according to retailers, to shop for bargains, as so much nice stuff is on sale for only one day. Shops traditionnaly open early after Thanksgiving day around 4 or 5 in the morning, some this year even opened theire doors at midnight.

It’s pretty crazy as it seems and feels for me there is almost all year around sales (koopjes) going on her. Well I almost bought a new digital point and shoot camera from Circuit City today the Canon SD1000 as it was on sale for 149 instead of 249,- but we discussed and agreed to buy ourselves some new bikes for Christmas instead.
Canon SD1000

So coming weeks, bicycle bargains and holiday sales hunting time.



Lets see, this was my 4th or maybe already my 5th Thanksgiving celebration. If you don’t know what this is, well for Americans this is after Christmas the 2nd biggest holiday and family gathering of the year. Its always celebrated on the third Thursday of November. In dutch I would say our Christian “Dank Dag” is the closest to this celebration.

Basically you go visit your family or friends and celebrate all the food we have received. This is done by having a big dinner and the centerpiece of the dinner is always a big Turkey, either stuffed, baked or deep fried as we had this year. What else belongs traditionally to this dinner, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green bean casserole, bread, salad, cranberry compote and of course the usual drinks like wine or beer.

Wikipedia Definiton
Turkey Deepfried Turkey

At the end its a day where you mostly eat and drink too much, especially the dessert pies like pumpkin pie or the cheesecake pie, and you have to recover a couple days eating all the leftovers. However it is nice to see how families come together on this day to celebrate, something you rarely see anymore in the Netherlands which shows again how much more important family life and values are in this country.

Another year survived and just one month till Christmas….