New Year 2010 and Reflection on 2009

Well lets see I made 9 goals last year for 2009… Which one did I achieve?

1. Loose some pounds….(probably yearly a goal but food is to good in America ;) )

I started with 238 pounds on Jan 5th and I just weighted myself the other day, 213 pounds, but i have to say my lowest was 192 end of April in 2009. So look at my 2010 goals 😉

2. Make a trip to the Netherlands in the summer (as I need to spend my vacation time under the new Staples rules this might be an obvious opportunity in August)
Again did not make it this time, however the reason for this was that both my parents and brother visited for around 5 weeks in total so I took most of that time off in 2009.

3. A bigger LCD tv (nice wish, probably ain’t gonna happen till maybe sales by end of the year ;) )
Yes although we bought a new tv stand, did not buy one yet but expect on the short term a 47” showing up

4. A nice office (well the room is ready, just need to save up a bit for the furniture)
Almost, we have turned the room into an office, but the furniture we bought did not fit into the room so we returned it and placed another smaller desk for my wife into it.

5. Make some trips in the US to maybe Main and California to our friends.
Didn’t make this one..

6. Have fun at work with the remaining five folks in our BI team..
I think this was a good transfer year we kept the happy hours going and try to keep the spirit up. 2010 will bring some moving changes inside the office and hopefully we can attend some more conferences.

7. Have my parents and brother flying in to the US for a visit..
This happened as planned.

8. Learning Golf this spring/summer (with the new neighborhood golf course, this is definitely on my wish list).
That did not happen, with family visiting and busy schedule with kids. Golf is probably still a while away. Maybe just an intro course for 2010

9. Write a bit more on my blog (just too busy with kids to take some time to write
That did not really happen.


So end score: 1,4,6,7 achieved, 2 partially. 3,5,8,9 not achieved, so 50% score….


New goals for 2010

1. Weight loss, definitely again a goal, started an intensity bootcamp training this week in our community center. Goal: 180 pounds by the summer.

2. Family vacation trip in the US/Mexico.

3. A bigger LCD tv (hopefully this time?)

4. Bike purchase and biking in the spring

5. Do some small improvements in the Garage and Basement

6. Learning Golf intro course

7. Write more on the blog….

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