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Photo Editing –

As I did not want to spend to much money on tools like Adobe Photoshop, I found this free tool build by some undergraduate. It was intended to replace Microsoft Paint but has grown to be an excellent alternative for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro.




Lime Survey or Survey Monkey

So the other day my wife needed to setup a survey for her work. After some investigation I found this open software tool lime survey. Installation took about 30 minutes using php and a mysql database. After that its quite easy to setup your own survey. This software comes with preloaded templates and you can change the colors using style sheets. Further many different question types are possible as well as upload functionality for questions and users. Token support for secure access to the survey as well as automated email and reminder system is possible.The only thing I was not impressed about was the export of the data from standard reports, but if you are a bit handy in PhPmySqL accessing the tables you can pull out the information how you want it.


Another solution I looked at is the hosted solution from Its basic setup is free and within no-time you have your survey setup. I liked it as it was very easy to use but the basic free version lacks quite a few features like token validation per user base, and some more complex questions setups. I would recommend companies who have fairly short surveys with limited number of questions to use SurveyMonkey. Larger more complex surveys which require a great level of security should look at Lime Survey.

Survey Monkey

If you use any other open source or free survey tools you like, let me know so I can test them and pass them to my wife for her companies survey usage.


eXtplorer File Browser

As my hosting providers panel lacks a function to unzip or zip files direclty on the webserver I was looking for an open source web-base file browser I could install on my webserver. After many trials with php based file browser I found the standalone version I was using in Joomla CMS for one of my websites. This component JoomlaXplorer is a very nice looking, rich-featured web-based file maintenance tool.
Since August 2007 the developer made a standalone version called eXtplorer. Information can be found at this website.


Features I like:

  • Windows style folder browsing on the left
  • Quickjump setup to favorite folder
  • Direct file view and editor (handy for stylesheets editing in wordpress)
  • Upload, Download features for multiple files
  • FTP view
  • Unzip uploaded archive files directly on the server.


WordPress Installed

For this blog I am using WordPress as blog tool. It’s a very flexible software tool and much better then blogger which I used for a long time. It has tons of themes to pick from with easy customization options and you can download various plugins to enhance your blog.

    Snapshot of

I am still working on adjusting this template so it looks a bit nicer, like the date icon on the post left top and some color font schemes. I will later post some of the plugins I am using and think are very useful to include in wordpress.