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As you have seen I got an Ipod Touch after a few startup issues, mainly iTunes which I still hate to use, I got most of my music organized and under control to get into my Ipod Touch. So time to sell our CD collection, as it only takes up space and we won’t probably use those anymore.

So the wife made a big list on craigslist and I was amazed that within a couple of hours we had sold over 150 CD’s, now 1 week later we have only about 60 left mostly the CD’s everyone has.

image  Then the remainder of our CDs we have listed on a website called Its like a big matching site for books and cds, people who want your CD are automatically notified when you post a CD and when they agree you can print out a wrapper label completed with all information about the person and sent the CD and its front/back cover. It costs about 75 cents postage and then you get 1 credit for which you can request a CD you want to have + 0.49 cents per CD which is the fee the buyer pays to

I posted about 70 CDs and so far about 24 need to be sent by Monday, so that works great, after I have my credits I will request the CDs we would like to have.

I think this is a cheap and excellent way to increase your music collection……


Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App

So working as Business Intelligence Analyst in my company Corporate Express this book written by Cindy Howson contains a business case study and several quotes from my peers and also it has examples of cases we as team work on in our company. Its just printed, for sale on Amazon and will be delivered as soon as it is available. Recommended lecture for our team in our book club we have. ;-)It’s nice to see a book published about the work you do and how it is appreciated by executive level within your own company as well as how important this will be for our companies future growth..Amazon link

Author: Cindy Howson
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Successful Business Intelligence: Secrets to Making BI a Killer App